Clear & Clean House Clearance

Local Company Review – Clear & Clean House Clearance

One of the exciting parts of our job is working with local companies that you may never had known existed and exploring their fantastic services.

We would like to introduce : Clear and Clean House Clearance servicing Gloucester, Cheltenham and Gloucestershire areas

Clear and Clean House Clearance is a family run firm based in Newent, Gloucestershire and offer a superb local service to private individuals and businesses.

Their services include:

  • House Clearance
  • End of tenancy house clearance
  • Waste disposal
  • Probate clearance
  • Garden shed, garage and loft clearance
  • Single items to full house clearance
  • Cleaning service

They cover the below areas:

  • Gloucester
  • Cheltenham
  • Cotswolds
  • Tewkesbury
  • Stroud
  • Newent
  • Churcham
  • Throughout Gloucestershire

For more information or to contact Clear & Clean House Clearance visit their website:

Quay Websites designed their website and currently looks after their SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) For more info on our services for local businesses visit 

Bread & Beyond

Bread & Beyond – bread baking tuition

We would like to welcome Bread & Beyond to our client portfolio.

Bread & Beyond came to Quay Websites for social network management for their Facebook page. We are proud to help Mary and her team promote their great home based business on Facebook.

Last month they came to us with just over 30 page likes. We have now managed to build their network to over 120 likes. Targeted promotions have made sure that the increase of likes have been quality likes targeting their location and client specification.

We highly recommend their services and would love it if you give their Facebook Page a like at

Our social network management starts at only £50 per month – visit

Website revamp –

Window cleaning website Gloucester

Diamond Shine Window Cleaning Gloucester

One of our long standing clients Diamond Shine Window Cleaning of Gloucester has just had a website overhaul.

Quay Websites is dedicated to tracking industry changes and have had much pleasure updating their website 

Their new sleek website showcases their window cleaning services for Gloucester and Cheltenham as they look to attract more commercial clients during 2015.

Over the past 3 years we have watched Diamond Shine Window Cleaning go from strength to strength and adopt modern technology across all aspects of their local business.

If you feel your website needs a revamp and like what we have done here, get in touch for FREE friendly advice and a quotation by visiting our website


Newman Removals Gloucester & Cheltenham – Google pigeon update

We have just done a revamp on the website as this domain was affected by the Google Pigeon update that was released in the UK late December 2014.

The Google Pigeon update adjusted the SERP order particularly for local searches. In this case our client Newman Removals was deranked for search terms ‘Removals Gloucester’ and ‘Removals Cheltenham’ – Prior to the update they had a high ranking on the first page of Google, now they are no where to be found for these search terms. Other terms such as ‘Gloucester Removals’ and ‘Cheltenham Removals’ they are on page one for.

It does baffle us why they would be dropped for these search terms and not the others. However as a ethical SEO company we are determined to get them back to where they belong! So here is our plan of action:

1. We have changed their page titles and descriptions making them strong for these key words

2. Added 9 new pages of useful content to the website such as Moving tips and advice

3. Re submitted a sitemap to Google.

4. Have started creating strong back links.

The new Pigeon update reinforces the need for creating s good domain authority. Newman Removals is a new client and only have 45 links to their website by building on this we hope to increase their domain authority over the coming weeks.

Has your website been affected by the Google Pigeon update? We would love to here your story and help out if we can.

We would also welcome any feed back regarding and the drop in status

If you are looking for a ethical SEO company to look after your websites SEO or would like to white label our services please contact 0845 88 00 143 or visit 

Quay Websites BIo – affordable web design & SEO

Quay Websites was set up in Gloucester and Cheltenham in 2013 to deliver affordable SEO and web design for small to medium sized businesses.

Backed by over 10 years of experience the founder, Jason Potter, of Quay Websites has worked within the web design and SEO industry delivering innovative solutions to businesses across the UK.

Small business solutions

Having worked with small businesses over the years Quay Websites understands the needs and requirements of start up and smaller businesses. Affordability is key so that’s why they can work with all budgets and the answer is always yes!

Quick results and a fast turn around also plays a big part in delivering successful solutions. SEO is key for small businesses to be able to compete with larger local and national companies.

Case studies

Here are a few of our case studies for companies in Cheltenham that benefit from our services.

Hilo Window Cleaning –

Hilo is a window cleaning company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and came to Quay Websites in April 2014 to discuss SEO. Hilo had just had a website built but it wasn’t performing well on search engines , the average rank was page 12 for the relevant localised keywords. After examine their website it came to like that no onsite SEO was in place, so it was decided that Quay Websites would rebuild the website to echo the existing one and install the onsite SEO.

Having now done this we are pleased that the website is climbing Google and is now on page two. We have now started an SEO campaign to improve the rankings further.

Jamie Williams Carpentry and Joinery Ltd –

Jamie Williams Carpentry of Cheltenham is one of the best bespoke cabinet makers in Cheltenham.They came to Quay Websites nearly a year ago for a new website. Since then we have created a bespoke website and look after their 3D cad design requirements. Over the past few months Jamie has opted into a monthly SEO programme that is now well underway.

We are pleased that he ranks number locally for all their keyword requirements.

Dubu camper van holiday rentals –

Dub-u are Cheltenham’s VW T5 camper van holiday rental company. They came to Quay Websites as a new start up company and wanted an affordable web design to kick start their new company. A fancy new website was created and they have a had real results taking regular online bookings. They have just purchased their second VW T5 camper van and have started taking bookings for that one aswell.

Dub-u have just signed up to a SEO programme and have now started to see the benefits of a higher ranking website. We now look to target areas further afield of Cheltenham, such as Bristol and Oxford.

Watch this space!!

The Severn Bore –

The Severn Bore website was created by Quay Websites as a tourist information site regarding the Severn Bore , a tidal wave that travels the river Severn.

The website has gone from strength to strength with several thousand of visitors per month. A new online shop was launched this year offering keep sake gifts regarding the Severn Bore. This has proven very successful.

The Severn Bore Facebook page has grown rapidly now with over 1600 fans.

Many governmental sites link to the Severn Bore website such as the environmental agency. Apart from the online gift shop a constant stream of revenue is made from Google’s Adsense adverts that populate the pages.


They few clients mentioned above have benefited from affordable website design, SEO and social network management.

If you want to see how Quay Websites can help you please visit their website –

Web design and SEO go hand in hand – Panda 4.0 tips

I thought I would write an article about how web design and SEO are closely linked and even more so after the latest Panda 4.0 update from Google. On my travels visiting clients who want SEO services I often find that although they have had a website built basic elements are missing that would strongly contribute to SEO.

Hilo window cleaning is a recent client that I took on in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire , you can see there website at they came to me just after they had a new website created as it wasn’t performing well on Google. The main key phrases that they want to target is ‘window cleaning Cheltenham’ and ‘window cleaning South West’ – for window cleaning Cheltenham they were appearing on page 12 and for window cleaning South West they were not on the first 20 pages. I took ownership of the website and changed the below elements. Over just a few weeks we are now on page two and three of Google. We can now start a SEO campaign to improve the page position further.

Below I will run through a few of the main key factors that need to be implemented into your website before doing off site SEO and also the impact that Panda 4.0 is having on websites.

A Strong page title

One of the main downfalls of websites that I see is the page title. The page title is what appears in the google search in blue lettering. The two main issues I come across is under usage or over usage of the recommend character allowance of the page title (75 characters). Google and other search engines use the page title to help decipher your website content and thus the position it will reward you for keywords.

It is important that you include strong keywords in your page title, the keywords have to be relevant to the page content and have a natural flow, don’t just jam a load of keywords in. Remember google looks for the best user experience.

Have a strong title that is carefully thought out and you may see results just from that!

Page descriptions

Page descriptions is the text element that appears under the page title on google. Having a true description of your web page is important and also stay within the 160 Character allowance. Having a eye catching page description could mean the difference of someone clicking your website or not.

When someone searches for a key word or phrase Google will highlight the key word or phrase in the description text with a bold font, so have good keyword density in your description text.

Alt text

Another important element that is commonly missed are ALT tags. ALT tags is a small piece of text (3 or 4 words) that describe a picture on your website. When a mouse hovers over the picture the ALT text appears. Google cannot read pictures so this is a great way to communicate to Google allowing more keywords to be presented. Don’t over do it as Google will know if you are trying to trick it!

Body text & Panda 4.0

Through lots of research over the past few weeks it is apparent that latest Panda 4.0 update concentrates on websites that are a specialist in the field topic. What Google wants to deliver to the searcher is quality, comprehensive and up to date content. This has now given more attention to the body text on websites, so more so than ever it is now important to write excellent content that has good keyword density. Become a specialist in your field offering practical advice to you website visitors. Don’t be vague on subjects, deliver detailed descriptions and information. Stay on topic, don’t try to be all things to everybody.

It is also important that the website has clear navigation and a good coverage of internal links to improve the users experience.

The Panda 4.0 update wants to deliver quality content from well built websites. Keep that in mind and you won’t go far wrong.


In summary top page rankings can be achieved by a good web design alone especially on a localised level. There is little point starting a SEO programme until the above elements are addressed.

If you want more information please visit Also don’t forget to share and like this article.

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Facebook advertising – Get more page likes!

Before we start the images and information on this post is relating to the new Facebook layout on May 2014 ……

Facebook advertising is it worth it?

For sometime now I have managed a host of Facebook pages and over a period of time I have run several advertising campaigns on Facebook. So I thought I would take the opportunity to share my views on Facebook promotions in the form of paid advertising.

Firstly I am a big fan of organic SEO rather than paid for advertising, but what I have found that paid for advertising on Facebook can bring rewards for little expense.

There are two main types of advertising that are worth playing around with on Facebook. Firstly there is page promotion and the other is post boosting.

Page promotion

Page promotion is a great way to get more likes for your Facebook page, a simple advert is created by clicking the promote page button near the top of the page on the left hand side. See picture below highlighted in red…

Facebook page promotion

Once you click this button you are presented with a selection of options …..

social page promotions

As you can see here you can select your audience location, right down to cities, your audience interests, age and even sex.

Having this amount of options is really great and allows you to select a target audience to promote to making sure you are getting the most for your money. For instance my client Jamie Williams Carpentry ( makes bespoke cabinets in the Cheltenham area. There is little point promoting his product to 16 year old kids in France, so we can really tailor his promotion to an audience that is best suited to his product.

The next option is how much you are willing to spend. With page promotions you choose a daily budget and the length of time you wish to promote for, this gives you full control of your available budget and allows you to cap it. So you don’t have to worry about over spending.

You will notice that Facebook suggests the amount of page likes you may get based on your selection criteria and budget. I will say this is an idea of what you might achieve and not a definite amount. I find that depending on the genre of your page has a big impact on how many likes you will get, keep in mind it is a social network not everyone is interested in every topic.

Once you hit ‘promote page’ you are ready to go! Facebook with check your advert over and make sure its within their guidelines. Once they have done this (doesn’t take long) you will be able to track how your advert is doing and hopefully see the likes roll in.

I tend to use this type of promotion to get new Facebook pages off the ground, no one likes to see a Facebook page with no likes, so its a great way to get established.

Post Boosting

The other type of paid promotion on Facebook is post boosting. Post boosting is one of my favourite types of advertising on social networks as its not a hard sale and fits nicely into the world of social networking without being an annoying advert.

So you have wrote a new post and you want everyone to know about it! Here’s how to do it

Go to the post you want to promote on your Facebook page and at the bottom of the post on the right hand side you will see a blue button called ‘Boost Post’ … Press it!

post boosting Facebook

A post boost will do just that , much like the page promotion you will have lots of targeting options to select. The main difference is how the post is boosted.

You have two options:

1. People who like your page and their friends: As the title suggests the boosted post will only be visible to people you like your page and their friends.

This option is for an established Facebook page with a good number of page likes for maximum exposure. If you only have 5 likes the distance your post will travel will be limited.

The idea behind this option is that you would like to think that the friends of your existing fans like the same kinda stuff, so they to should like your page / product.

2. People you choose through targeting: This option is the same as page promotions as discussed above giving you target audience options.

With both of the above the more you spend the more places your post gets to. With Post boosting you  set an overall budget for post impressions, every time someone sees your post your budget depletes until it has run out. You can also set the duration of the promotion ( click the small more options tab when setting up the promotion) Although this doesn’t change the budget it drip feeds your post over the period selected rather than a 1 day hit.

This does not give you guaranteed interaction, but if your post is attractive and engaging then you will naturally get the interaction you crave.

So where do people see your post? I here you ask…. Facebook farms out your post into the news feed of your audience you selected, so it feels like a natural post rather than an advert.

Tip: I find that early and late evening are the best times to do this, people tend to engage more with the posts outside of normal working hours.


The great thing about Facebook is that you can easily set up a card payment option, Facebook then debit the card a few days after the promotion has finished.

Page managers

A little tip for people like myself who manage multiple pages. If you have admin users of the page they cannot see your payment details or start promotions on your account. However they can do their own promotions with their own credit or debit card.


In summary Facebook advertising is affordable, flexible and does deliver some great results. I would always start a new Facebook page with a page promotion to get likes quickly.

Quay Websites can help you!

If you don’t have the time or inclination to set up a Facebook page and want someone to manage a Facebook campaign we can be of service. For a small management fee you can benefit from all of our knowledge, expertise and existing Facebook networks. We will look after everything for you from adding your logo and cover picture ( its amazing how many logos are not properly placed on Facebook, oversized, blurred or just strange!) to complete Facebook management and advertising.

Contact us today by completing the below form or by visiting

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