Free Website with a Gloucester SEO Plan

At Quay Websites we are excited to announce a new package that will benefit small to medium sized companies in Gloucester and Cheltenham and throughout Gloucestershire!!


We find that many people who come o us for SEO services in Gloucester often have websites that are out of date that would prevent a good position rank on Google. This is why we have decided to offer a fully responsive website with every SEO plan purchased over £200pm

The average Responsive Website costs between £800 – £1200, so by signing up to a 12 month SEO plan your company can save a great deal of money and benefit from a new website that is fully optimised for Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Contact Quay Websites Ltd today to find out how you can make the most of this offer. Be quick as this is a limited offer on a first come first serve basis.

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Wedding Magician London



Wedding and Party Magician Andy Field is set to make more magical moments in London!

This new website designed by was created for London Magician Andy Field.

Any was great at supplying website content for his new website, having lots of unique text content is sure to boost his SEO on Google over the coming months.

Andy wanted a website that was easy to navigate and offer a comprehensive breakdown if his wedding and party magic services that he offers in the London area. The responsive website design allows users to easily navigate the website whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Although this type of website design is something that the team at Quay Websites is an every day occurrence something that we don’t often see is the use of a .co domain as a primary domain for a company.

This is the first time that we have been asked to SEO a .co domain so we look forward to seeing how performs on Google over the coming months. Being a newly registered domain as well the challenge is even more exciting and something the Quay Websites team are keen to get stuck into.

Terms relating to ‘wedding magician London‘ and ‘London party magician‘ are densely populated so this also throws another challenge are way.

We will keep you posted on how we get on over the coming months.

Hydraulic Cylinders by Helipebs

One of our more recent clients is Helipebs, a engineering company based in the UK that makes Hydraulic Cylinders and also manufacturers of Pneumatic cylinders

Helipebs came to Quay Websites to improve UK national rankings for search terms relating to Hydraulic Cylinders as they are one of the leading manufacturers of the cylinders in the UK and were buried below masses of other engineering companies.

Within the first few weeks our team of online marketing experts managed to achieve a superb rank increase on Google for Helipebs.

Helipebs are now within the top two pages on Google for search terms relating to Hydraulic Cylinders and we are looking forward to the next 12 months increasing their online presence.

Improve your online rankings and get more business with Quay Websites

Me Hair and beauty Cheltenham – New website launch

Me hair and beauty website design

Website design for me hair and beauty Cheltenham

We are very proud to have developed a new responsive website for Me! hair and beauty in Cheltenham.

This beautiful hairdressers and beauty salon deserved a website to showcase their fantastic services. Using the latest responsive technology we have created a visually stunning website.

Have a look at

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Alex Clark Gloucester gets social on Facebook!

We are proud of our clients Alex Clark Lettings of Gloucester as they embrace social media. Keep up the great work!

We have worked with them to identify a audience on Facebook that will benefit from their experience in the lettings industry.

Social networks are now a important part of any business as being able to engage directly with existing and new clients has never been easier. Also using social medial will boost your social signals and improve your SEO.

Finding what to write on Facebook can be very difficult, but using a bit of imagination and pulling on the experience you have in your sector can reap great rewards.

Alex Clark Lettings offer tips to landlords on how to manage tenants and look after properties in Gloucestershire. They also promote available properties to let locally.

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Web design Gloucester

Web design tips – By Quay Websites – Gloucester & Cheltenham

Web design Gloucester

Web design Gloucester

So you are looking for a new website but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips on what to look out for and what to avoid when searching for your new web designer!

The golden rule

This may seem obvious but the most important thing when buying a new website is find a web designer you can work with and trust. We always recommend a local small company or individual as you usually get more for your money and a more tailored package rather than an out of the box solution.

Working with someone you can trust will allow you to develop your website as your business grows and changes. Larger companies often want to charge for every change where smaller companies that value your business will often do small tweaks free of charge as a gesture of good will.

Responsive or not responsive?

The latest website craze is responsive websites, but is it the right thing to do?

Usually they cost more money so you have to weigh up the benefits of having a website that will adjust to various screen sizes and mobile devices.

If you choose a non responsive site make sure that they offer a mobile version of the website so as not to be wiped out on Googles mobilegeddon!

The only thing I will say about responsive design is ask to view an example of one they have made for another client as I have seen many responsive websites that are really buggy when adjusting to screen sizes , throwing content all over the place.

My take on it is a static website with a good mobile version can save you money and still deliver a fantastic design, so dont rush to shed out the extra pounds.

Its all about SEO!

Search engine optimisation is key to a successful online business whether getting new leads or generating online sales. No matter how fancy your website looks if it doesn’t rank well on Google its pointless having.

Keep some money back to invest on SEO. Ask your web designer if they regularly manipulate the page titles and meta description, do they create a sitemap and are the pages optimised for Google.

Google likes content, don’t get caught up in a minimalist design with a low word count. Aim for 250 – 1000 words per page, with strong H1 and H2 titles.

Do you need CMS?

Lots of our clients ask for a CMS based website where they can edit the website themselves. For some online shops this is essential but if its a display website give the web designer a small monthly retainer to do the changes for you. By doing this the website will maintain a higher quality and you will save time that can be invested in progressing your business and learning how to add content to your website.

On top of that non CMS websites are usually less expensive. We find that most of our CMS website clients used it for the first few months then didn’t bother due to being busy with their business.

Media quality

The secret to a good looking website is the image quality and media content. Invest in a photography to create a library of High Definition photos that you can use on your website. Sharp images can transform the look of a website.

Don’t forget to add some videos, this will help with SEO but also keep the visitors on your site longer.

Own your domain!

So often clients come to us without domain ownership and it can be a nightmare to get the domain transferred from a previous web designer especially as they have just lost a client.

There is no reason for a web design company to own the your domain or host it. We recommend that all of our clients register their own domains and have full control over them. This means if you ever fall out with your web designer or they disappear you still have the most valuable thing, your domain.

You business is based abound your www. , it may be printed on vans, stationary or be well known in your industry and to clients. Not having ownership and control over it is online suicide!

We can help you!

Our friendly team at Quay Websites is here for you. We can help build you the perfect website for a small showcase website to a large online superstore. Whats more important is that we are SEO specialists so we can make your webite rank well on Google and other search engines.

We are based in Cheltenham and Gloucester but cover the whole of the UK. Contact us by visiting 

seo tips

SEO tips for Cheltenham & Gloucester – Page Titles

I talk to many of my clients in Cheltenham and Gloucester about onsite and offsite Ethic SEO tactics and one of the key areas onsite is the page title and meta description.

Google takes a snippet of these and displays this information within the search results.

Having a strong page title and meta description can be a real game changer. It is also important to monitor the effects of your page title and meta description and manipulate them to produce the best user experience and for the best SEO experience.

Googles Webmaster Matt Cutts explains how this works in this great video. Find more great SEO tips on